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Do I Get A Wii Or A Wii U?

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Emmierose1 | 18:14 Thu 13th Dec 2012 | Gaming
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Hi, I want to give my husband a Wii for Christmas but I don't know where to begin!! Firstly, do I get a Wii or a Wii u? Then, what else do I need so that we can set it up straight away and start playing?

Also, if we had friends over for New Year's, what are the most fun party games - like karaoke and dancing kind of style - to play?

Totally new to all this and sooo confused about all the different components we need! Any help would be MASSIVELY appreciated - thank you!!


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You don't sound like gamers so I would go for a Wii. Considerably cheaper and some good game bundles are no doubt available. The Wii U is brand new and priced as such.
I don't know anything about the Wii U, so can't comment on that.
If you get a Wii, you can (as Matt says) buy a bundle which will have, pretty much, everything you need in the box. You may need to get a couple more controllers, though, if you're planning to play with friends.

I don't have any experience of Karaoke or the dancing games, they are my idea of hell, but the Carnival games are good fun, as is Wii Sports (which will probably come with most bundles) and Mario Kart. All good to play as part of a group.;urlrefer=search

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Lol. She wants karaoke and dancing! :)
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Wowzer! Check that out!

Is that what you do, Trigger, in your living room? :P
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Haha. Pics... or it didn't happen :P

Haven't got DC3 but do have DC and it is amazing.
As Trig says all the others are just controller waving whereas this sees you dance and scores you for full body. Accept no imitations.
Wii is the best, karaoke is very fun!
Lol. Which part was wrong... or was it both?

I can think of nothing worse than having a party dominated by a Wii :-(

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Do I Get A Wii Or A Wii U?

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