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kariah | 00:08 Thu 09th Feb 2012 | Gaming
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Hi, I'm looking at the latest wii's to buy for my son and wondered if anyone could answer these questions:-

1) Is the Wii 'Remote Plus' EXACTLY the same as a Wii 'Motion Plus', just named differently between the sellers?

2) Is the 2011 console model better than the 2010 model, ie I've read that later models are slimmer/designed to lay horizontal, but I cant really see what date this kicked in and if it would look that much different if I had an older model and laid it on its side?!!?! I see that 2010 consoles are a bit cheaper but if I bought one of them, would I get less features than the 2011?

Thanks so much (blonde dumb-ass mum) XXX


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I think you need to ask a 9 year old child.
Re the remote, yes I believe it's the same thing - before motion plus, you just had a remote and a motion plus bit to add on - now they mostly come with motion plus - which you need for some of the newer games.

The main difference between the consoles is that the newer ones can't play older console games from the old game cubes - I wouldn't turn an older one on it's side - I don't think they are designed to be played that way.
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Thanks annie, that really helps.

And jomi - think you're right there!
Why Wii? Are PS3 or 360 not an option?

If you must go Wii then I would be seriously tempted to wait as the successor will be out later this year and Wii prices will fall more than they already have.
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Matt, I just discovered! (wiiu) Now I really dont know what to do, as not sure the new version appeals to me. Will sit on it me thinks. Many thanks.
How old is your son? I'd def wait for the new one to come out then if all he wants is fitness or basic games you will get a good price on a reconditioned one of the old version. Does he actually want a wii only I gather Xbox kinect is loads better
xbox kinect is great if you have a big room - real issues if you try to play it in a bedroom - it just doesn't pick up the movements......and it is much more expensive than a wii - a wii with everything you need to play can be had for around the £100 mark now an xbox with connect is at least double that and a lot of the games are aimed at older kids/adults. My kids have a PS3 and a Wii and this seems to cover what they want/are allowed to play. When they hit high school age i'd allow them an xbox.

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