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Sausage Hotpot

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Sasha-2008 | 12:28 Tue 06th Jan 2009 | Recipes
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Anyone got any good recipes for a good sausage hotpot?? When I was younger my nan used to make a wicked sausage hotpot with tomatos,baked beans, onions and potatoes on top.

Is it as easy as just cooking the sausages and onions, and then putting them in a big pot with the potatoes on top and putiing it in the oven for a while???



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Pretty much,hun. I would lightly brown the sausages first,take them out and set aside. Then I would cook 2 medium sliced onions in the same pan til just soft. A stick or two of celery and 2 sliced carrots can also be added. Put all the veg in the bottom of your pot...add a teaspoon of dried mixed herbs plus lots of freshly ground black pepper if you like. Put the sausages on top followed by 2 large potatoes that have been sliced to the thickness of a pound coin. Season again,pour in a cup of veggie or meat stock and cover with a tight fitting lid. Put in the oven and cook until the potatoes are tender. ......I almost forgot...if you want to put baked beans in,pour them over the veggies.
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Thanks for that, I will give it a try.
just be a bit careful if you put baked beans in, i've found they have a dendency to catch on the bottom of the pot, a good stir now and again helps prevent this.
if i'm short of time i don't bother to brown the sausages or cook any of the other ingredients first, just throw them all in the pot and into the oven with it. i sometimes use a packet soup mix (whichever one i have to hand) stirred into it too.
That sounds delicious! I've added this thread to my favourites LOL :o)
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Thanks for your ideas, my stomach is rumbling now, lol
I almost forgot......chunks of parsnips go great with sausages......I think you can get them frozen.

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Sausage Hotpot

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