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Where To Buy Fresh Rhubarb In Sheffield?

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cleoval | 16:14 Mon 19th Feb 2024 | Recipes
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Hi I Cannot find Fresh Rhubarb any where in Sheffield.  Is there anybody on this site from Sheffield who knows where I can buy it from please.?


I have tried the Moor Market also to know avail. Thanks.



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It's too early for fresh rhubarb.

Maybe a bit early to get home-grown...and i'm not sure that it is imported either!

I think fresh rhubarb season is April to July. Someone else may confirm. 

According to this link Waitrose sell the forced(much sweeter) rhubarb.

However,Waitrose are unpredictable in their stock in stores,so your local one may not do it?

However,I hope this helps?

Waitrose Sheffield:~

Just an extra point,from the Internet:~

When grown outside, rhubarb is in season during the summer months. Forcing rhubarb means it can be available earlier, between January and March. This growing technique also preserves the rich pink colour, and fresh, sweet taste, so that the rhubarb isn't too tart.

Yes, Waitrose have forced rhubarb...but you'd need to be particularly desperate for it to pay £4 for 400gram!

Why desperate? If you can afford something...get it!

That's not forced, that's waterboarded and hung up by the thumbs.


Yes,very expensive,but from the sound of their post,

cleoval IS desperate? but is also obviously a real rhubarb fan!

Especially for cleoval,and all who are interested?

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Where To Buy Fresh Rhubarb In Sheffield?

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