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boxtops | 13:34 Sun 07th Sep 2014 | Recipes
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I made this yesterday, going as per recipe - it appeared to be going wrinkly on a cold plate, so I bottled it. However - this morning it still seems quite runny in the jar. Can I tip it back into the pan and boil it up again with pectin, to get it to set?


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That's what I would do.
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Thank you eccles. Is there a formula for adding pectin (I'm going to have to go out and buy some) or is it "add so much per kilo of jam")?
I suspect what you will need to do is pour off some of the 'juice' mix with some pectin......the amount will be commensurate with how much jam you've made and then introduce it gradually.

The actual proportion of pectin will be given on the sachet, but do it gradually as there should be some natural pectin in the recipe.
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OK, I'll give it a go - thank you :-)
Good luck!

If it works out send a jar in this direction, it is one of Mr Cakes favourites :-)
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It's really nice, scrivens, and dead easy. In the end I didn't do anything further with it - it's a little bit runny but I realised that I'd used ordinary sugar instead of jam sugar (needed for fruit with no pectin of its own) - I'll know better next time!
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You might guess that was from me, not him ^
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Rhubarb And Ginger Jam Query

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