Fresh cream cake

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tinkerbell23 | 01:13 Mon 27th Feb 2012 | Recipes
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Sorry i am absolutley polluting this section tonight but im on a roll.

I get a cake here locally
A cream ring.

What is the "dough" its almost like a roll or a bap ...its not pastry..

Topped with icing or coconut and sandwiched with fresh cream....? Drives me ad as id love to make it.

I may even buy one and upload a pic to show you what its like so some of you experts can tell me! X


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It might be the same dough they use for these Tinks x

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Looks promising...see if it is i will love you forever!!!

Theyre aaaamazing x
Lol I know exactly the things you are talking about. They are definitely a yeasted dough so hopefully thats the one xx
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Only thing is....these are really really pale aswell not golden brown x
I think the ones in the recipe I have given you are brown because of the cinnamon, brown sugar and nuts. If you omit all that they should be paler. xx
ask the baker you nice person
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Good thinking voddy!

Flob....they wouldnt say i dont think....its a family run bakers in the local town and the town next.... Yummy xx
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Im determined to work out how to make my two fave things from there ...... If it takes to uploading piccies i will xx
they are known as Devonshire splits

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Fresh cream cake

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