Freezing home made fish pie for baby.

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tigwig | 18:24 Fri 03rd Sep 2010 | Food & Drink
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I cook my baby a huge variety of meals and one of them is fish pie which I make using the fish in butter sauce packets which are bought frozen then I mix it with veg etc. I have given him it several times and he's been ok but last time he had a bit of a runny nappy and appeared to have tummy ache, a lot of gurgling was going on.
It then occured to me if the fish is bought frozen and I cook it I am then refreezing it once I have added veg, is it ok to do this or would this have been what could have caused him to be ill?


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He might have a slight fish allergy? I've defrosted frozen fish and cooked it then refrozen it as fish pie, not a problem, but I have no problem with fish anyway.
i'd of thought the salt content would be quite high in those packets for a baby - but i could be wrong.
if you were actually cooking it yourself (which is what i thought you meant) you'd know exactly how much or no salt would go into the food.
AS a general rule,if you defrost something raw,and then cook it,you can then refreeze it. So-on that basis your fish should be OK. Maybe your baby's bad tummy was a one-off,and not related to how you made the fish pie. I too would be concerned about the salt content of the fish.
Like Jack said. The salt content is probably way too high for a baby.
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Do you know that is the one thing I give him that I have never thought about the salt content. I am so fussy with everything else and check cereal and yoghurts obsessively for salt and sugar. I hate fish and never eat it so have no idea which would be the best for him, if anyone has any suggestions that would be great and I would give him that next time. I cook a 4 week menu so I doubt that the few times he has had it will do any harm. All the rest of his meals are fresh veg, meat and chicken.
Buy a plain fillet of fresh white fish, cod, pollack whatever is on offer.
Cook in the microwave, or steam, poach or bake.
Make into fishcakes with mashed potato, or a pie with a plain roux.

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Freezing home made fish pie for baby.

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