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Friday Night.

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Jemisa | 17:28 Fri 25th Jun 2010 | Food & Drink
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Hubby has gone to get Fish & Chips for our tea, its the Friday usual, never on a Thursday or Monday but always Friday is fish night. According to the queues in the shop it seems a lot of people keep to this tradition.
I know its conected to the Catholic religeon, always fish on Friday (we're not Catholics) but anyone know the story behind it?



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Not only connected to the catholic religion
it's to do with fasting and used to be wednesdays and fridays apparently.
we usually have fish on a friday too, nothing to do with religeon but because it means i don't have to think about what to make for tea at the end of the week, patricularly useful when the kids were still at home and really liked fishfingers :)
its the end of a long working week when no-one can be bothered to make tea
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Yes I agree, it gives us mums a rest for a day and nothing to do with religeon. My mother before me also used to sigh a sigh of relief "Thank God its Friday"

Here's some suggestions
I was raised in a catholic family, and because Jesus was crucified on a Friday, we did not eat meat on that day, they said that if you did, then you would be eating the flesh of Jesus!.................very strange really.................but that's how it was!
so it was just his flesh on a Friday not the rest of the week?
yes, 4forget, just on a Friday, because that was the day he was crucified!......Never understood it really!...................
It relates back to the code of canon law and how one should show penitence for the sacrifice. I think when we look at religious affairs and diets, there is often a lot of sense attached. My dad always made us eat fish on a friday which was a standing joke as he was a staunch protestant. His reasoning however was that the fisherman had to make as much money as possible on the thursday so they tried harder, fished more and so you often got the best catch and prices on a Friday.

Fish was banned on a Monday as we were told it would always be Thursday's leftover fish you were getting. I am sure it is different today with modern freezing equipment.
I had fish n chips last night too!

I just couldn't be arsked to cook!

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Friday Night.

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