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Tex Mex or Mexican?

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Litchick | 22:35 Tue 28th Dec 2004 | Food & Drink
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Hello all --

What, if any, is the difference between Tex-Mex food and authentic Mexican food?

Many thanks.....



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Mexican food is from Mexico and traditional Tex-Mex is a waterered bastardised version to suit American tastes
Gee, I've got to disagree totally!  There really isn't a Mexican food, as such.  There are regional differences that are different to the extreme.  Tex-Mex relies heavily on the Sonoran tradition.  Most of the really good Tex-Mex restaurants, especially in the Texas/New Mexico/Arizona areas are owned and operated by people of Mexican descent.  The best Mexican restaurant I've ever visited is Pete Kitchen's, just outside of Nogales, AZ. Muy bueno! A small place owned and operated by a Mexican family for years. Obviously, some of the franchised restaurants are not of the same quality, but they aren't Mexican nor Tex-Mex...  
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Thanks for the replies!  I was recently in Texas (San Antonio to be specific) and had some DELICIOUS "Tex Mex" food and then got to wondering what dishes they would serve in Mexico as opposed to Texas.  Doesn't really matter -- LOVE the food anyway!


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Tex Mex or Mexican?

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