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Fresh Strawberries

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WhiteBear | 18:07 Wed 06th May 2009 | Food & Drink
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Hi all,

i bought some lovely strawberries from the local grocery, wow the colours of the strawberries were vibrant, very bright Red and looked very Fresh (looks as though just been picked), so much better than the ones you buy from the supermarkets!!
they are much tastier too.

i wont be able to eat it all today, so should i leave it out in room temperature or is it best to put it in the fridge? i want it to look the same today when i eat them tomorrow.

Thanks (i hope its not a stupid question)


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Stick them in the fridge Whitebear. If you can keep them in a single layer too that helps x
Question Author
Thanks Sach =)

im scared that if i take them out tomorrow they wont b as red as today! when i buy grapes and put them in the fridge they dont look as good as the day i bought them.

Do u think my fridge is too cold??

I'd be very surprised if they are English strawberries.
leaving stuff in water e.g. potatoes for half an hour before cooking them keeps there colour but this would probably make the strawberries soggy.

this is because of the rate of osmosis means that the liquid would transfer into the strawberries especialy over that length of time.

but osmosis and the density of certain foods mean that they get stiffer if you leave them in water. maybe strawberries do this i can't remember wich way round it would be.

i'm confusing myself because the potatos let water in and thats why they get stiffer but strawberries might lose water meaning they go soggy or they might take in water meaning they go stiffer.
I keep them in the fridge, but I remember to take them out a couple of hours before they are to be eaten.
Question Author
Ethel what made u think they might not be British? it said they were and it cost me �2.25 for a little punnet!

mollykins whats pots got to do with strawberries?

Rollo thanks for the advice :)
I thought that Ethel but apparently there have been English ones available since the last week in March...oh, lead me to them. On second thoughts, I'd probably have to sell the fridge to pay for them.

Enjoy them Whitebear!
Plenty of local one available here in Berkshire.

Grown in polytunnels I suspect.
Good grief. It's not right. The English strawberry season is from mid-June.
They taste very nice Ethel. Far better than those imported ones.

if you leave potatoes in water for a long time they go stiffer.

i couldn't remember and was getting confused as to wether strawberries did the same or opposite. its all to do with density so i think strawberies would go soggy. on the other hand they should keep their colour.
Question Author
oh well, nevermind :)

at least these strawberries are delicious :)

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Fresh Strawberries

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