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melting camembert cheese in a box

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janetsflower | 11:12 Wed 26th Mar 2008 | Food & Drink
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Basically can anyone give me an idiots guide please as to how to melt a boxed camembert cheese to make it dippy for carrot sticks, celery, bread etc, I have seen it done but never tried it - is it as simple as shoving it in the microwave or under the grill. I have visions of the box on fire and a rubbery mass of unusable cheese


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Do it in the oven in it's box ..take the paper off first .About 20 mins on a baking sheet .Put some foil round the box though . Gas 4 or 180c. If You Google Baked Camembert there are lots of recipes .
A whole small Camembert cheese in its box
a clove of garlic, peeled and halved
a drizzle of white wine

Unwrap the cheese from its plastic paper, and place back in the box.
Smear the top of the cheese with the cut halves of garlic
Pierce 6 holes with a small sharp knife on the top of the cheese
Drizzle the wine on top of the cheese.
Replace lid and bang in a hot oven for around 20 mins.
Or aked-camenbert.html
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that sounds delicious shaney, thanks, i will definately try that maybe this evening if i can wait that long, otherwise,...its nearly lunch time and the rest of the wine? I guess i have to drink that. I like your recipes!
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put something round the box - the ones I bought suddenly did odd things in the oven (the glue must of come unstuck) I caught it just in time!!
try one on the BBQ in tin foil too - mmm
To prevent box troubles, take the cheese and paper together out of the box and turn them upside down and put them back in the box. Then open out the paper at what is now the top and it will contain the cheese both in the oven and on the plate.

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melting camembert cheese in a box

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