14p on bottle of wine todays budget

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Caribeing | 20:12 Wed 12th Mar 2008 | Food & Drink
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14p bottle of wine 4p on beer will this deter
you from having your usual tipple. I don't
think this increase will solve the drink culture
problem just rips off all us law abiding drinkers
I enjoy my wine and will continue to drink it
as I please!!


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Good for you!
I agree with you Mary T the young drinkers who binge will not bat an eyelid they drink mainly cheap cider which will go up about 5p and cheap vodka will go up 55p so an extra �1 here and there will not make diddly squat difference.
when I was a lad lager was 20p a pint .Then it went up by 1p . I had to start drinking halves be cause I could never find that Bloody 1p . how times have changed
I agree, too. It's a damned cheek - let's organise a trip to France & stock up without our b****y government's duty. They should change the law to stop youngsters getting plastered and let us "older & wiser" (?) folk enjoy ourselves - good God, we've worked for it!!
The best bit is, now they're thinking about lowering the drink limit for drivers. I live 3 & a half miles from my local, so I have to drive there. I go once at the weekend, due to work committments & the farm. I have (maximum) 2 glasses of wine, precisely because I know I have to drive home. I'm a widow and this is about the only social highlight of my week, seeing my friends in the local. The government now want to take this away from me. Don't anyone say "drink non-alcoholic" 'cos I do, after my 2 wines. They've stopped smoking in pubs, now they want to stop drinking - I'm just glad I'm not in the licensing trade. Rant over!!
I have a drink every evening so there for I'm not a binge drinker !!!
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Sainsburys offer of 4 bottles for the price of 3
is on until Sunday, so stock up. I was in our
local Sainsburys today and the staff were
traumatised with all the work they had to do
changing prices on cigs and booze and no extra help to do so!! Send Gordon and Alistair to give
them a hand!!

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14p on bottle of wine todays budget

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