Isn't re-freezing softend/defrosted ice cream dangerous?

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eleanswers | 14:44 Sat 29th Dec 2007 | Food & Drink
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Last week on Can't Cook Won't Cook Paul Ranking gave a tip for left over Christmas pudding by saying something like soften ice cream & mix up with the left over pudding then re-refreeze. Isn't this dangerous, I'm sure I read somewhere many years ago someone died from consuming re-frozen ice cream. I've since seen afew recipes that suggest this but I'm sure it's very dangerous. Can anyone give more indepth if not professional knowledge on this please.


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Hope it's not true or I'm in big trouble! I've been popping large tub of ice cream in microwave every evening since Xmas day to soften it for scooping purposes, then put it back in freezer!
there a 2 types of ice cream,some are made with egg whites and cream(more exspensive one) and some are made with just milk. (cheaper one) the exspensive one you shouldnt defrost then re freeze,but you can soften it and mix in extra stuff.the cheaper one you can melt it all if you want and refreeze it,but neither taste good after refreezing,cheaper one will have ice particals in after re freezing,which i find horrid. hope this helps x

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Isn't re-freezing softend/defrosted ice cream dangerous?

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