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cornbeef ash

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tradey | 14:19 Tue 18th Sep 2007 | Food & Drink
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not been on here for ages been really busy,but i want to make this tonight any tips thankyou


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tin of corned beef and the contents of an ashtray?? lol

I love corned beef hash pie.

chop an onion start to fry it , and then add boiling water and 2 oxo cubes for gravy. Boil onion in liquid until cooked.

Then mash potatoes with a tin of corned beef and add the onions.

Put in a pastry case and cook until pastry cooked.

Then serve with the gravy.

pretty basic but lovely comfort food in winter
I always add tabasco sauce to give it a little kick.
also i have tried it with braising steak instead of corned beef.
When I make this, I always add a good tablespoon of HP Sauce to the gravy.
We don't do it as a pie here in Ireland, just take a tin of corned beef, a chopped onion and some mashed potato, mix it all up togeter and do it in a frying pan over a low heat!
If you have any left over cooked cabbage, throw it in too.
I do make corned beef hash the same way as Chazza , but put it in a buttered dish , with cheese on the top in the oven , when the top is crunchy it's done , and have it with baked beans , yummyyyyyyyyyyyy
I call it the kitchen sink dinner !
I chop up onion and green peppers add chunks of leftover cold spuds,leftover greens and then the chunks of corned beef ..season it well ..bung it on a plate and put a fried egg on top.
try leek instead of onion, use minced steak instead of corned beef but fry it for a short while first. try dicing a carrot ot two and put those in.
comfort food at its best
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cheers everyone for the advice,next time im going to use leeks that sounds lovely thankyou again

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cornbeef ash

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