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Feeble Toasters

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Llamatron | 10:01 Fri 10th Aug 2007 | Food & Drink
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I like to cut my toast from large uncut granary loaves.

Toasters have no problem accomodating the thick slices but they can never manage the height. So I have to lay the slices on their sides meaning I can only ever do two slices at once even in a 4 slice toaster.

Does anyone know of a toaster that can take big slices of bread?


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Couldn't you do it under a grill?
Question Author
I want the convenience of a toaster.

Besides, 4 slices is quite a squeeze under my grill.
Dualit do one I think. Cost you though!!!
Question Author
I've just had a look and wow you're right, Dualit aren't cheap.
I've used a Dualit 4 slice (2 thick, 2 thin) toaster for over 10 years and it is superb. Yes, they are initially comparatively expensive but they're built to last. The thick side has handled baskets for doing toasted sandwiches excellently. This doesn't answer your question though - max height in mine is 5.5 inches (14cm). Cheers, Andy
I have the same problem with toasters, mid way I have to turn the bread over

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Feeble Toasters

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