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Whisky recommendations

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TheBirches | 14:38 Mon 04th Jun 2007 | Food & Drink
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Which is better - a 12 yo Glenlivet or a 12 yo Laphraoig?


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A question of taste surely? I like Macallan personally, and find Laphroig very 'earthy' in comparsion. Glenlivet did nothing for me.
All malts are excellent in their own way and - as Alijangra says above - one's preference is purely a matter of taste. Personally, I'm rather partial to a Glendronach, but I'll drink any of them with pleasure!
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Trying to compare Glenlivet with Laphraoig is like comparing lager with Guinness. I love Laphraoig but it's incredibly 'peaty' and not for everyone. Laphraoig requires a drop of (lightly chilled) water with it. Glenlivet can be drunk neat.

12 year old Bushmills. Every time.
Personally I'd go for the Laphraoig but there's nothing wrong with Glenlivet.

I've recently discovered The Curiositas a 10 year old peaty sinlge malt from the Benriach distillery on Speyside. Unusual and delicious.

Damn, now I'll have to go and pour one!
It is difficult to say what is better because this is down to your own personal taste. I particularly enjoy Laphraoig with its unique flavour of 'TCP' medicinal quality but you go with what you like. My wife bought me some whisky from the Lochranza distillery on the island of Arran. This is at cask strength at 59% ABV (alcohol by volume) and is difficult to drink straight but with the addition of about 50% chilled pure Scottish soft water it is absulutely superb! Judge your preference at the start of a session, because after a couple, your taste sensation is lost! Sorry if I'm preaching to the converted but I've had many years on both sides of a bar and know what effect alcohol does to your perceptabilty of flavour and the rest...... Cheers Andy

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