Anyone remember 'Breakfast Slice'?...

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snagged | 18:50 Sun 21st Jan 2007 | Food & Drink
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A 'rasher' style meat product... made of pork and beef I think.. 'bacon'ish in flavour... Used to get it from Sainsburys... haven't seen it - or anything like it - for a long time... it was really nice with a fried egg... I could go for some right now... :o)


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Sounds like what we call Square Sausage. My parents still get it from Iceland or Tesco, and it's made by a company called Belchers (horrid name!!!)
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Square Sausage lol!... thanks scooby...
Reminds me of an old film called Space Truckers with Dennis Hopper ...he was haulin' a load of 'square hogs' ..

they were like cube shaped pigs ...great ...maybe that's where your square sausage comes from?
Fried SPAM turns out the same...
...fu@*in' horrible.
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I never said it was good for ya... tasted great tho!...
Ooh yes! Used to go to Sainsbury's especially for it. Square sausage is just ordinary sausage meat in square blocks, not the same at all. No idea what has taken its place.
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R.I.P. breakfast slice... :o(
I got it in Tescos about 3 years ago but havent seen it since, must have another look. solarjunkie is right, square sausage and breakfast slices are not the same thing at all.
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Prob. removed from sale for being too high in fat content etc... another example of healthy eating 'gone mad'...

...then again... no worse than a sliver of kebab meat... the nearest equivalent?!
I know what you mean havent seen it in ages but like everyone said you can still get the sausage in the frozen department

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Anyone remember 'Breakfast Slice'?...

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