at what age can a baby start eating Marmite?

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coggles | 17:47 Mon 15th Sep 2003 | Food & Drink
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Our daughter loves her toast and bread soldiers and is showing much more interest in savoury foods rather that sweet (i.e. 'baby biscuits'). Is there a minimum age that babies can have it? Thank you.


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Hi again coggles
This website does own the Marmite brand. This link will take you to their contact page and you can ask them direct ;o)
Sorry about the bold italics :o(
I have a cookbook for babies and toddlers and in the 'daily menu section' for toddlers they have marmite toast as a breakfast item. Toddler in this book being over 12 months. They don't have it listed in the 9-12 month section however.
Please don't give it to your child, it really is quite unhealthy (just had some on toast but shouldn't have).
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Thank you all. Have emailed company - awaiting reply, but debstars answer sounds good. Janetex, why is it unhealthy? I have read the Marmite site and it seems pretty good stuff to me. Do you know something I don't know?
Grr, puter's on the blink, sorry, have no task bar or web addresses up(?). Try searching "marmite health" or "marmite salt content" etc and you can make up your own mind. Sometimes a pot of ale is a better alternative for children's meals/drink :)
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That sounds intiguing! I shall try and have a look today, thanks.
i would worry about the salt content too. my ds has not had bread yet let alone marmite! i believe wheat and dairy should be introduced as late as poss. many weaning books are out of date too and still say start solids at just 4 months!!! there is a good table here listing the recommended amount of salt for a childs age.
ooh i forgot watch out for the "stay fresh longer breads". they have loads of salt in them.

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at what age can a baby start eating Marmite?

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