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TiffyT | 01:47 Wed 08th Nov 2006 | Food & Drink
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Help... I don't know much about champagne other than I like it. I have some acquaintances that tell me to only buy Brut. So, I went to the store and I bought Moet & Chandon White Star, Nectar Imperial, and Rose.

The labels don't say Brut on them. Are these good bottles of champagne?

HELP! I need a lesson in champagne selection. Money is no object. I want quality!


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If it's Brut, it'll say so on the label.
You want quality? Money no object? Take a lesson from Malcolm Gluck, respected former wine critic for the Manchester Guardian...
Two years ago, towards Christmas, Asda reduced the price of their own-brand Cava to �2.49 a bottle. Gluck's opinion? 'This is better than Krug champagne selling at �100 a bottle!'.
By law, to be called 'champagne', a wine must be produced in the Champagne district in France. Cava, often from Spain, is produced in exactly the same way - you'll often see 'methode champagnoise' on the label. Because of the name, champagne enjoys premium prices, but by no means does this guarantee quality. Blind taste tests often result in cheaper Cavas getting higher marks than expensive champagnes.
Do yourself, and your bank balance, a favour.
Im with Heathfield, you can also by Cristal Cava- its made by Cristal-their champagne is over �100 and the Cava is �5 a bottle in tescos. And its fantastic. Cava is just as good as any champers you can buy
I agree fully for several years Cavav won the top awards at the Bordeaux wine festival in the non vintage selection.If you must have the real thing Marks and Spencers own brand has just beenn voted bast by a panel of judges recently
Moet et Chandon is one of my least favourite Champagnes and I just don't entertain the stuff. I adore Veuve Clicquot and Laurent Perrier Ros� though.

And I have to agree with the others, a lot of cavas out there can be just as good and often better. I drink Lindauer Brut Reserve or the ros� version (they also do a strawberry version which I can't bluddy find in the UK!!!). At the end of the wine of your choice is dependant on your palate.

You'll find that some people can be real Champagne snobs too, never accepting a cava over a Champagne. Ignore them, they don't know what they're on about!
Try the website it has a link page with champagne facts and info
If you should buy a champagne you're told too fond of, mix it with fruit puree or (my fave) cassis. Gorgeous!
The strawberry Lindauer is absolutely disgusting. I bought mine from Costco but not sure if they still stock it. If you want add something to your champagne rather than orange juice, try Ribena concentrate.......really fruity....much nicer than orange juice...

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Champagne Selection

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