Should you wash off pasta with hot water after its cooked?

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laurentwink | 20:21 Mon 23rd Oct 2006 | Food & Drink
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Do you reckon you should wash the pasta off after its cooked?

p.s - i am currently cooking pasta so a quick answert would be great!

p.s.s - I was reliablky informed that i shouldnt wash it off as it washes off the stacxrch and leaves the fibre but suirely it will be sticky?


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The chefs on television say it won't let the sauce stick to it as well if you wash it - they say never wash it.
Never wash mine when I cook it.
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oh ok, guess i wont wash mine anymore then, i just did and i remember tasting my friends after she didnt wash it and it seemed to stick to my roof of my mouth! ok thanks people. can always count on this website. xxx
well I always wash mine off, I don't like the stickiness of it if it isn't washed.
If you add a drop of olive oil to the cooking water before adding the pasta then it's not as sticky when it's cooked.
i was taught how to cook pasta in italy. No one ever said the pasta should be washed.
If it's sticky, maybe it's a little overcooked?
i thought you were supposed to wash in cold water to stop it cooking any further from the heat retained in it, once removed from the pan.
yes mandimoo, i was told to put in a cup full of cold water to reduce the temperature of the water and to stop it cooking.

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Should you wash off pasta with hot water after its cooked?

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