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Vegetarian weight loss diet

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jo90 | 09:35 Tue 20th Jun 2006 | Food & Drink
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Anybody got any ideas as to a healthy veggie diet (as in weight loss). I complemplated Atkins but don't think its suitable for veggies unless I want to grow scales! I'm not a great fish lover, but adore vegetables and cheese and I want to lose a stone. Any suggestions?


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no idea but you could try here
My vegetarian friend joined weightwatchers and lost two stones.
I am not a veggie but am heading that way after being on a diet since January and losing two and a half stone.This was forced upon by my GP though !!
Basically it's low fat and cheese is one of the biggest fatty foods you can eat !!
I have the same boring old things
Porridge for breakfast with skimmed milk ,apricots,chopped banana or raisins and cinammon.(Very filling)
Midday wholemeal bread sandwich with salad.
I eat a lot of coucous mixed with ,courgette,green peppers,cherry toms ,cucumber,sweetcorn and onion.You can mix any veg with this.
You can make a nice vegetable soup.
Roasted vegetables ..use walnut oil and garlic .
Have a look here for more ideas.Good luck
Sorry ..didn't realise mccfluff had already posted the same link
This new submit and edit facility is too confusing !!!
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Thank you Shaneystar2 for that - I'll buy some couscous and have a go. Thanks also for the web site link you two. It looks good and I'll give it a whirl
Hello Jo

I lost a whole lot of weight doing the slimming world diet.. and i highly recommend it. The good thing about it is it has a meat diet or a carb diet (those people who eat both can alternate from day to day..) you can have as many eggs as you like, which is good for protein.. and endless amounts of fruit and veg, pasta, potatoes and you get a limit of milk and bread a day..

Give it a go - the meetings really helped me.


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Vegetarian weight loss diet

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