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Swedish Strawberry Cake

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Vagus | 17:14 Thu 20th Jun 2024 | Food & Drink
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In view of our Swedish connection, we're making one of these for midsummer. It won't quite be the traditional one but we have a Swedish flag which we'll hang up outside and will, I'm sure, enjoy our version of the cake.

Was also going to make a Swedish sandwich cake but decided against it for a few reasons. Hoping to enjoy one, on Sweden, in a few weeks, so may attempt once we're home, once I've tasted the real thing.

Will you be doing anything special for midsummer either tomorrow or over the weekend? Our Swedish people will actually be in Piedmont in Italy this year, hope they enjoy the change.



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'Jordgubbar och grädde tårta' Vagus?

Don't forget the akvavit.


Is The Buider a Swede?

That would be a turn-ip for the book!

🤣  Nej, Ginge, men jag kan prata lite svenska.  

Working on Norwegian at the moment. They're similar.

Question Author

That's it, the builder 👍😋 Gin and /or wine will have to suffice, not keen on that stuff 😕

Oh Ginge, you are a card 😂😂

Question Author

Wow, the builder,I'm seriously impressed, those scandi languages are soooooooo difficult.
At least they all speak English, extremely well and from a very early age, we managed a sort of conversation with a nine year old Swedish relative a few years ago, puts us to shame but at least they all accept how difficult their language is and don't hold it against us that we can't get our tongues round theirs.

Swedes tend to drop into english often because they have a lot of trouble with 'broken swedish.'  The problem isn't the vocabulary. Many words are similar to ours.  It's the pronunciation.  It's so easy to mangle that.

Unlike the french, they'll listen politely, then, if they can't get it, they drop into english because, on the whole, they want to help.

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Swedish Strawberry Cake

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