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Vagus | 18:15 Fri 31st May 2024 | Food & Drink
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We reverted to Friday fish today and very nice it was battered cod fillet from Sainsbury's. A few fries and some peas, tartar sauce  or hollandaise sauce, very tasty.

I may buy some tuna steaks in next weeks click and collect, have t had them for ages and really quite enjoyed them..when I learned how to cook them properly and not overcook them 🙄



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I had pan fried seabass tonight with a red chicory gratin...very nice too.

I do like a bit of fish. Aldi's salt and pepper coated basa is lovely, and good value.

Never cooked tuna, but I had it in a New York restaurant once. I don't think they cooked it properly. I was a bit ill afterwards. 

I made tuna once. Followed either Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsay for timing...dry and not very nice.

I prefer tinned or raw 🤔 😅 

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