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Sweetcorn In A Bag Of Mixed Veg

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renegadefm | 17:48 Thu 18th Apr 2024 | Food & Drink
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Probably a silly question, but why do they put sweetcorn in a bag of mixed vegetables?


Personally I hate the taste of sweetcorn, but it's a pain when I have to take out all the sweetcorn from the rest of the vegetables. 


I like most veg, but I hate sweetcorn. I'd rather it if they added sprouts. 


Is there a shop that sells a bag of mixed veg minus the sweetcorn? 



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Here you are, Tesco Farmhouse mixed...
18:02 Thu 18th Apr 2024

@21:53  It's such a shame that has gone (over the M25)  I think it now says Give Hetch a Chance (Hetch seems to be a saddo 'tagger')

Helch, not Hetch.

Any mention of sweetcorn reminds me of this thread from Mollykins

Haha! ^^^ classic thread, shame about the 'missing' bits 😀

i love sprouts but i know that they have a clause in their contract about being the only green veg on the line up. Peas, again muck that up.

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Sweetcorn In A Bag Of Mixed Veg

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