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Coconut Fish Tacos

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Alan365 | 16:04 Sat 02nd Mar 2024 | Food & Drink
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Coconut fish tacos with mango salsa is apparently what the Mrs is cooking up tongiht. What are you having?



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I spotted a third of a can of bacon grill left in the fridge earlier today, so I'd better use that up.  I'll probably put some melted cheese on top of it and serve it up with baked beans and a jacket potato (or possibly some wedges, cooked in the air fryer).

I really know how to live, don't I?  😋

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What is bacon grill?

I dug some leftover roast lamb out of the freezer. It will get chopped up with an aubergine...extra curry spices added. The spicier the better as it's a damp, cold day.

I am making a chunky veg soup which will be mopped up with French bread!!!

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Soup is ideal on a day like today.

Homemade lasagne as youngest son is back from uni for the weekend and it's one of his favourites. I've made an apple strudel for dessert with some jersey cream bought at the farmers market today.

Chicken kadai.  Been in India for 3 weeks and craving Indian food.  Just waiting for the cashews to soak to make cashew paste.

Homemade soup containing celery , pumpkin , onions. carrots , yam , sweet potatoe and chicken legs .

I always feel thirsty after having the above 

Strange eh ?

">>> What is bacon grill?"


Reported as Spam.



Having read the revues on bacon grill , I think you should try it out on a well known discerning trio of these parts before buying any more  😆

I had lunch out and ate too much so I had a chicken and salad sandwich about 30 minutes ago.

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Turned out nice, I'd happily have them again.

Bacon grill is the food of the gods!


Looks nice but probably too much hasle for me!

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Coconut Fish Tacos

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