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F A O Vagus...chicken!

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pastafreak | 22:38 Fri 16th Feb 2024 | Food & Drink
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Oven fried chicken...a basic recipe. I'd add roasted garlic salt, sweet smoked paprika, cayenne pepper, maybe some oregano. I've never used the melted butter...but ive spooned the fat in the tin over the chicken for a crispy finish. 🍗🍖



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Well Pasta, sounds like a fairly nice recipe although not one I'd personally make, but it's called oven baked chicken, not oven fried chicken, and it's even an American recipe! 😁
To my mind, anything cooked in the oven is baked or roasted. Looks like we'll have to agree to disagree 😊

Looks pleasant enough. Has anyone tried it ?

Oooooooooh! Never eat chicken. Never. As I've said before, it's one of the biggest cause of upset stomachs in this country, along with fresh fish. Avoid!

Question Author

Vagus...if you were to Google "oven fried chicken", you'll find dozens of similar recipes. When I cooked for 3, it was a staple...that's going back over 25 years. My fault for not noticing that particular recipe says baked...the ingredients and instructions will be similar for all.

10clarion...should we do a often do ABers cook fresh chicken or fish...and get sick after.

Stop scaremongering please.

Ok pasta, I give in, there is such a thing as oven fried chicken, which I've never heard of, and my guess is that most people in the UK would call it baked or roast chicken.

vive la difference 😉

Maybe it's an American description.


(Took me many years to realise they'd say broil but meant overhead grill. I was misdirected by the name and assumed a broiler was some device you boiled food in !)

I'm with Vagus on this one.  Frying is in a pan on the hob.  Anything in fat in the oven is baking  roasting or browning.  Never have we deep fried anything on the hob or oven.  




Pasta your link says oven baked chicken.


Question Author I said earlier...// My fault for not noticing that particular recipe says baked...the ingredients and instructions will be similar for all. // are probably correct that it's an American description. Hence why I am wrong by British standards...even though it's a term for this method of cooking chicken that I've been familiar with for many years.

I'll make sure to post a photo when I next make it 🤔😉😊

"Oven Fried" is an American way of duplicating deep fat frying. The chicken is coated in a breadcrumb mixture and cooked in a very hot oven

Question Author

I'm glad you understand calmck 😉

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F A O Vagus...chicken!

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