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Best Varieties Of Figs In Shops

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pastafreak | 17:15 Sat 27th Jan 2024 | Food & Drink
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I adore fresh figs. The best I've found so far are Bursa...large and sweet. Only found them for about 2 weeks back in November. Other varieties seem small and tasteless. Are there any in particular I should look for?



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They are not worth bothering with until May, really, when the early figs are ready to eat

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I suspected as much. I do miss them when they aren't available. The only ones I see now are Black Mission which aren't very nice...though may try again.

In the summer I tried a variety called Collar(sp?)...they were odd looking(pale flesh) and tasted of nothing. Googled them and dog collars came up πŸ˜ΆπŸ™„πŸ€”

I'm the same with strawberries, miss them when not in season but refuse to eat imported.  

Figs available to pick off the trees from end of May. Best in June. The green ones come first then the black ones. No idea what type they are, we just take our baskets and pick. 

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"...we just take our baskets and pick..."

Stoppit!!! Not fair 😣

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I eat frozen raspberries...I don't defrost them. It's rather like a crunchy sorbet.

We have a fig tree in our garden which produces loads and loads of fruit, but neither of us like figs. I don't mind the taste, it's the tiny little seeds I really dislike. They rot on the branches then drop to the floor where, if we're not vigilant, dog eats and we all suffer πŸ’¨πŸ•‍🦺

For we all like figgy poo


Like kiwis; figs can be eaten whole (skin and all). It's always good to eat the whole thing when possible. Good for the gut biome. Mind you I only heard this recently and only tried a young fresh one.

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Best Varieties Of Figs In Shops

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