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How Do You Check An Avocado For Ripeness?

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NoseyNose | 21:39 Sun 12th Nov 2023 | Food & Drink
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I am not having much luck with (supermarket) avocados.I bought two on Thursday,the first was rock hard on that day,but the second was just ripe enough.How do you check them for ripeness?Please don't tell me to squeeze them, and that they should give like soft butter,that doesn't work.All the ones I tried were rock hard,but some (when I used them) were soft enough to eat,so it's a bit of a lottery.I tried a suggestion,of putting them in a plastic bah with a banana,the gas given off by the fruit, is supposed to quickly ripen the avocado.Sometimes it's OK, and other times the avocado goes rotten quickly.

Please help me,as I do love avocados.




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Well, I have followed the suggestions,namely to squeeze(gently) the top of the avocado, where it joined the stalk.

I* hyave two now that have a softish stalk end,so we shall see if this works.

I shall report back here,and hope I can haveacado! LOL

Butt,I hope that it works?


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"Have" sorry typo.

Just buy some Holy Moly guacamole. Lovely.

That's ^^^ not too convenient if you want sliced avocado  😅🤔

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Right on pastafreak,

I love avocado in a salad,but noy when they are rock hard!

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Thank You for the suggestion,but due to having a hiatus hernia,I cannot take chilli at all,and I like avocado sliced in my salad.

Life's to short to slice an avocado.🥑

Guacamole every time.

Too short!

Oh no it isn't!!!


I'm sticking to my halved avocado stuffed with fish and with sweet Chilli sauce.  Had it for lunch today.  I don't eat salad, buanddon't enjoy the taste of plain avocado.  Actually, it doesn't have much taste imho!  

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How Do You Check An Avocado For Ripeness?

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