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Luxury Chocolates

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barry1010 | 13:11 Tue 07th Nov 2023 | Food & Drink
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We want to buy a gift of good quality chocolates, up to about £50.

Is Hotel Chocolat as good as it claims?  Any recommendations?



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Personally, I prefer Fortnum and Mason and always pick up a box when I am in London.

The boxes themselves are a work of art and the chocolate are out of this world

I've not had Hotel Chocolat in a while, but they are pretty good. I'd also recommend Fortnum and Mason...I was gifted some of their boozy truffles a few years ago and they were divine. Godiva is also nice iirc.

Lol...snap Red!

Yes, i buy my dark chocolate products from them.

I obviously move in very different circles to the assembled.

Barry, my Good Lady is a chocolate afficiando, to the extent that I'm asked if (ie told) her chocs will be coming from, either


Both have excellent products (Leonardis in first link) give excellent service and delivery is spot on. (Hope this isn't seen as advertising).

The GL will 'accept' Hotel Chocolat but only with a resigned sigh. 😁

Douglas I am happiest with a chunk of tablet

Captain - we would never buy them by Belgium family would disown me lol

Realy, Red? Surely you could sneak some when no-one is looking? (Am a bit unsure about your Belgium links).

No there are some lovely independant shops that I would go to when we go to Brugge.

MIL and that entire side of the family is Belgium so make himself half belgium - although not got the taste of chocolate as he likes cheap chocolate


Question Author

Thanks all, good suggestions to investigate 

Ah, I see. 😀

Agree though about the independent choc shops, there is some wonderful stuff. Last time, we came back with a pair of 38C choc boobs for a male (obs) relative - he rather took to 'them'. 😁

Lol I am sure he did.

I am very partial to a sea salt milk caramel that this tiny little shop does - to the point that I go in and order a box for collection at the of my visit.

mmmm am slathering at the thought

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Luxury Chocolates

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