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Almond Butter Anyone?

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NoseyNose | 01:18 Wed 01st Nov 2023 | Food & Drink
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Having seen Almond Butter made,on "Inside the Factory"on the TV,

I have bought a jar.

Haven't opened it yet.I just wondered if anyone had tried it,and what they thought?

I cannot stand peanut butter,and am worried it might be too much like that spread.

Can anyone give me any hints?



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It is similar to peanut butter in appearance and texture.

Question Author

What about in taste Barry,I fear my partner may have to eat it all, as I cannot stand the taste of Peanut Butter,sorry!LOL

Oh dear, it has a stronger nut flavour.

Why did you buy it?  Do you prefer almonds to peanuts?

It's just as claggy, if that is what you dislike about PB

If you lik the taste of macaroons, or other things made with almonds (such as marzipan), you might like it.  

Try it on pancakes:

^^^ Now why isn't that 'clickable', I wonder? 

Let's try again!

Or use it to make biscuits and cakes

Buen, your non-link is missing  a / after the https:

^^^ Odd, Barry.  Both links were inserted using Ctrl+V, so they were both straight from my clipboard.

Question Author

Barry,I bought it because it looked nice(in the TV programme) and hoped it wouldn't be too much like peanut butter!

I haven't experienced almonds in their raw state,and I do like dry cured peanuts.

Buenchico, I do like marizapan, so I thought I might like almond butter.

I shall try it tomorrow,and report back! LOL

Be brave.  I

I love nut butters but my very strict diet restricts my consumption 

I use it in a couple of recipes, it's quite bland in flavour, if you can find it roasted hazelnut butter is nice, tastes a bit like praline and goes really well on toasted soda bread or in croissants

The smell and taste of peanuts is utterly revolting whereas the smell and taste of almonds is quite bearable. I'd have thought "butter" made from each would have very different taste.

Have you tried it?

I've not used any nut butters. Except for peanut but I started get an itchy mouth with nuts so quit it. Instead I use seed butters...sunflower or pumpkin seed. I prefer the latter, it's more nutty in flavour.

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Almond Butter Anyone?

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