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Sausage Rolls

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Stargazer | 19:57 Sun 15th Oct 2023 | Food & Drink
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can anyone tell me what needs to be added to the sausage meat to make it less 'chewy'. My sausage meat comes from a quality butcher but when eating them the sausage filling. is heavy and very chewy. Should something else be added to soften the meat?



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Sage & onion
10:13 Mon 16th Oct 2023


a decent sausage roll will have fat in it

I've heard that sex and drugs go very well with sausage rolls.


At least I think that's what I heard. 😄

A secret I picked up from Chinese marinades was to add corn flour. I'll use it in most recipes that are mince (pork, beef or lamb) such as meatballs or meat loaf. It keeps the meat soft and moist.

Doug, you know it's rock and roll!

How about adding some bread crumbs to the mix?

I add grated onion and some stock and mix well filling quite sloppy if that's the word but lovely when cooked. 

Sage & onion

Salt and cold are your friends here.  I also add, sage, thyme, grated onion and nutmeg.

Make sure your sausage mix is cold, add all the ingredients and then work it until it is more of a homogenous mixture.  

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Sausage Rolls

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