Aldi Rheinbacher Pils Lager

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Sunk | 18:34 Fri 27th Nov 2020 | Food & Drink
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I’m naturally a Real Ale drinker, but my sister brought me some Aldi Lager during lockdown.
I expected it to be crap, but was very pleasantly surprised. Drank loads in the summer.
Only 99p a bottle. Anyone else buy it? Anyone else rate it highly?
If you’ve never had it, give it a try.


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Hmmm... no matter how good, it'll surely still be admitting to being a pils lager on the label. Maybe if one has a very cool fridge ?
It's quite nice, but I could only manage one.
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Hmmm... Just opened my third :-}
I've been grabbing the odd bottle of Adnams Ghost Ship, life's too short to drink cheap lager no matter how good
Aldi closed their nearest store to me (in Stowmarket), so I don't get into an Aldi very often but I'll remember your recommendation when I call into one of their Ipswich stores to stock up on some Christmas booze. (My hospital appointments currently mean that I have to drive right past a branch of Aldi every weekday. It would make sense to add a bit of pleasure to duty!).

At least it's a genuine German pilsner anyway. (It's brewed in Rheinbach, just to the southwest of Bonn). Lidl's Perlenbacher Pils comes in a bottle labelled in German but it's actually brewed in France and lacks the quality that a decent German brewery can produce at a low price point.
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I read it was brewed by Krombacher but don’t know if that is true.
...and if you like wheat beer (an aquired taste I think), give Aldi's a try.
I usually get a dozen at a time when I can get to an Aldi.
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Yes, I picked one up by mistake, it is next on the shelf. Very good and only £1.19. But I like my Erdinger.
>>> I read it was brewed by Krombacher

It might well be. Several sources say that it's brewed by Brauhaus Rheinbach, which would fit with the name given to the beer, but that's actually quite a small brewery. Krombacher Brauerei is far bigger and might perhaps be a more likely choice for a major supermarket chain to link up with.
>>> But I like my Erdinger

Aha! Someone with excellent taste - just like the beer!

I assume that you're referring to the regular Weissbier, of course, but the Dunkel is just as good, if not better!

I really must try the Pikantus too!

Oh, and the Kristall as well ;-)

(Methinks a trip to Waitrose is definitely overdue!)
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I have a canalside pub that sells draught Erdinger, Kriek and Fruli, and Belgian bottles. It’s across the road from the afore mentioned Aldi branch funnily enough. Hasa range of Beartown Ales too.
The Foxley perhaps, Sunk?

If you're ever in Norwich, this pub has a superb range of real ales and a great selection of superb Belgian beers too. I think you'd like it ;-)
(I really must try to get up there before Christmas. It's one of my favourite pubs in the entire country!)

Much closer to home though, we've got this superb pub in Ipswich:
Question Author

No, I’m in Cheshire.
Unfortunately in Tier 3, so no pub visits for me for a little while.
Oh well, it's a perfect excuse for drinking at home, anyway, Sunk ;-)
Sunk, you state the Rheinbacher lager as 0.99. It states that price online. But when I checked at my local Aldi it’s 1.29.
^^^ When I search on Aldi, Bob, the bottled products seems to have disappeared altogether, to be replaced by 4 cans for £2.99:
Question Author
Still in shop and on website.

Is it not showing on HomeShop ?
That's odd because it's not showing here:

Further the most recent review from your own link states: "Sadly, this great beer has been replaced by a silver labelled version - still called "Rheinbacher Premium" - but is a shadow of the original. This one is no longer for sale but the silver replacement is not shown on the website, hence my comment here. It is not just that proof goes down from 4.8% to 4.5%, the whole body of the beer is poorer and has lost the richness this one had".

I'm confused!
Question Author
That doesn’t bode well.
I’ll go and buy £20 worth tomorrow while they are still in store.
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The new bottle has reached my Aldi. It has indeed gone down to 4.5% from 4.8%.
But is still very good. They have not ruined it, I couldn’t really detect the .3% difference.

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Aldi Rheinbacher Pils Lager

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