Pure Malt Scotch

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Bazile | 17:53 Tue 24th Nov 2020 | Food & Drink
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Cowley was fond of this drink

Who ? - I hear you ask

Him of the professionals

Not being a drinker myself , what does it taste like ?


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surgical spirits
people will wang on about caramel, butter cigars and all that claptrap, but really it's like expensive mouthwash
Depends if you have an Irish or a Scots, a island or a highland, a cheap or an expensive.
Start light with a highland and build up to an island
Malt whisky is made only from malted barley, whereas a grain whisky can also contain wheat or unmalted barley.

'Pure malt' is an old term for what's more commonly known as a 'blended malt'. i.e. malt whiskies from several different distilleries are blended together. As such, there's no common flavour; it will depend upon which single malts are added to the blend.

So a pure/blended malt whisky based primarily around single malts sourced from The Hebrides is likely to be very peaty (i.e. smoky) in its flavour, whereas one based primarily upon whiskies from further south is more likely to be much sweeter, possibly with hints of honey to it.

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Depends on where its distilled, a Highland malt is totally different to a Speyside or a Lowland and miles different to a Islay malt.(my favourite)
Now this is a subject without end. I have researched it extensively, and much more reservedly and carefully as I have myself aged in the cask somewhat. I have probably tried most brands and styles of whisky, even Japanese, and am now fairly certain that though I like most of them, I have a definite penchant for just a couple of brands. Tried the highland ,lowland, coastal, inland, island, blends, single malts double aged and all the other blocks that they try to entice us with in the blurb. The buyer will have a price that they are prepared to pay before even shopping. Cheap means nasty always. Expensive, by no means guarantees quality or that it will suit you. I have found and now try to stick by it that Macallan can supply something that fits every pocket and is not going to disappoint even the most ardent of would be aficionados. It is good stuff. I am also partial to the Welsh whisky makers Penderyn, and have tried every one of their distillations. I would advise that anything that says "smokey" in it's blurb to be avoided unless you have tried it and liked it. A bottle of Macallan as a gift or a present to yourself will never fail. Where are the Scots when you need them? I know that Douglas, for sure, can advise.
Whilst I agree the pendaryn is ok personally bowmore vault first edition is a favourite in this household followed by a bruichladdich
followed by listerine :)
Love Penderyn, also Jura, agree the McCallan is good, and the English Whisky company Original. Happy to try any really as I like the highly aromatic and peaty ones too but wouldn't buy a bottle just for myself. One thing I haven't tried but would love to is a really good Single malt Highland rye whiskey. If anyone wants to send me a bottle.....

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Pure Malt Scotch

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