Frozen Tin Juice

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Bazile | 19:49 Wed 11th Nov 2020 | Food & Drink
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I Put a tin if Rubicon Passion Fruit juice in freezer

Left it in there too long - juice frozen and tin deformed

Been in fridge since

Probably a silly question - but is there any reason not to drink it ?


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No reason that I can think of.
I would drink it.
Should be OK.
Question Author
You all sure about
that ?
Well just have a little sip and if uncertain, bin it!
None at all Bazile. Enjoy!
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Thanks all
You need to put a stick in it and lick it.

I dislike dented tins. Lord only knows what coatings have ruptured and what has made contact with the contents. Probably ok.
Did you drink it Bazile?
Mrs sqad says:

If the can is distorted...dump it.

Bit late now Bazile.sorry.
Oh. Has basils been seen since he posted and drank the juice ?
I was brought up to believe that a dented tin should be dumped. So always have. I inspect tins when I buy them. Mrs Sqad is very wise. :o)
Just checked his profile, there was activity early this morning!
and sexy.
He's getting more advice now than he got first time around (lol).
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Lol , I've just seen that there has been further replies on this

I opened it but the drink was still frozen except for a trickle .
I tasted it and it was discarded by her indoors later

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Frozen Tin Juice

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