Possible Stupid Question Re Smoothies

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jakep | 10:50 Sat 23rd May 2020 | Food & Drink
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Most days I have a smoothie for breakfast
Is the fibre content affected by the pulverising in the nutribullet?


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It seems (in theory at least) that the fibre content is retained:
It contains the same amount of fibre but the fibre is less effective as it’s shredded to bits.
It was on TV the other day. Scrap the smoothies and eat your fruit and veg.
If you like a smoothie, have a smoothie - life’s too short to be doing stuff you don’t want to do.
Another problem with smoothies...if you are trying to lose weight and eat "healthily" that you can end up eating a heck of a lot of sugar in the form of so much fruit.
Like ummmm says, eat your fruit whole.
I honestly can't see the difference....surely if you don't add anything apart from water, a smoothie is as filling or not as the fruit eaten whole and as fibrous or not?
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Interesting Chris, thank you.
I started as a way to eat a daily avocado which has helped reduce my bad cholesterol considerably. Decided to be an ostrich over the sugar content!
Was hoping I may retain the fibre.
Thanks for all comments.
Woof - If you look at how much fruit and veg goes into a smoothie it would probably surpass what most people would eat naturally.
I love smoothies in morning.
I have bulimia and its the only thing i can keep down so i get my vitimins from that as im sick sometimes 20 times a day eating food.
Drink away at your smoothies cant see them doing anything but good
As has been said, imagine in a smoothie you have apple, pear, avocado, 10 strawberries and a banana, you drink that in 20 minutes, how long would it take you to eat that?
It’s obvious that it’s better to eat the fruits than drink it but if it what prefer go with the drink.

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Possible Stupid Question Re Smoothies

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