Salmon, New Potatoes & Mixed Greens

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Vagus | 20:39 Sat 21st Mar 2020 | Food & Drink
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For us this evening.
Going to make some leek and potato soup tomorrow.
Anything interesting for your meal this evening, or any hints and tips for the coming week, given that some people are having difficulty buying what they usually do?


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Don't have meals in the evening.!!
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Why not?
We eat early compared to lots of people but we still eat in the evening.
Meant to say,where I live we have Breakfast,Dinner and Tea,and maybe Supper.
Braised beef,carrots,spring greens and mash.

Earlier in the week made a batch of curried cauli and lentil soup, simple,warming and tasty.
Chilli with the rest frozen into portions also made chickpeas and butterbean curry. Beef broth with shredded brisket again frozen into portions
Caiprinha followed by whatever's available
Chop, sausage, chips, peas, tomato and mushrooms.
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Denton, are none of those classed as ‘meals’?
Mamy, is there a recipe for that soup, sounds lovely.
Chickpea and butterbean curry sounds good too, I have both of those in the cupboard, any additions needed?
Just finished Rogan Gosht with saffron rice - home made.
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Not eating meat much at the mo, Tilly, couldn’t fancy a chop but might enjoy a good sausage...ooh matron!
Onion and tinned toms and curry powder of choice
Certainly is, I didn't have any fennel seeds.
Vagus,Dinner at 12 or one o'clock.
I am having salmon too with spicy rice, a steamed cabbage/spinach mix and corn cobs.
Doesn't matter what you call it or when you eat, it's all grub.
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Showing off now ubasses ;)
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Hexacly mamy
No finding I have too much time on my hands at the moment.
we had Louisiana linguine

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Salmon, New Potatoes & Mixed Greens

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