Chicken & Egg Recipes For A High Protein Diet - Weight Loss

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pumpjack | 10:21 Thu 09th Aug 2018 | Food & Drink
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i want to lose 5-7KG . i have went and bought loads of eggs, tuna, chicken breasts.
im cutting out bread / potatoes etc ( well maybe the odd chicken & salad sandwich )
so, can anyone advise on any nice easy recipes for either of these ingredients.
foods i like are :
egg & chicken omelettes
tuna melts with little cheese and wholemeal baguette
chicken & salad baguette
chicken tikka baguette ( obviously not too much mayo , just enough to taste )
anything indian or mexican made with chicken or egg or tuna .

while i am here, can anyone please tell me how to make chicken tikka / chicken tandoori sandwich spread from mayo etc. used to have jars in my local wholesaler but they are not selling them anymore.

feel free to fire away and give me some tasty ideas


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All those baguetes sound tasty-- but I thouht you were cutting out bread?
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wholemeal bread, once every 2 days or so.
Nicoise salad (minus the potato)
Do a chicken curry with cauliflower rice or a veg side dish
There are some great recipes's keto which is moderate protein but certainly suitable.

And loads of chicken recipes here...lots of choice.
I do a nice pastry free quiche which can be eaten warm with salad and then the rest taken in a packed lunch. Basically its anything you would normally put in your quiche poured into a flattish glass pyrex dish and baked. I fry chopped bacon and onion, put in dish, cover with grated cheese of any type pour over four eggs beaten with 500ml of single cream salt pepper mustard and a bit of mace. Bake until just set in the middle. Leave until just warm before cutting into wedges.
Fat free chicken tandoori. Mix 2 tablespoons tandoori powder with small tub of fat free yoghurt &squeeze of lemon juice . Pour over chunks of raw chicken breast & marinade for a few hours. spread chicken out on baking tray and bake in hot oven 200c until cooked. You can leave the chicken until cold and mix with 0% mayo or sour cream for a salad or add the chicken to a simple tomato sauce made with canned tomatoes and eat over wholegrain rice or even better shredded cabbage. Ditch the bread completely. No bread is 'healthy'
You could stuff a chicken breast with good quality sausage meat and wrap in bacon / proscuitto.

Chicken and low-carb veggies, stirfried and served with egg-fried cauliflower rice.

Egg frittata with goats' cheese, aubergine and freshly chopped mint.

Minced chicken would make great koftas (onion, garlic, ginger, lemon, coriander and cumin, and yoghurt to combine with the meat) and served with a spiced homemade coleslaw.

You could make a tomato-based vegetable casserole and serve with spinach and poached eggs.

I've made all of the above and thoroughly enjoyed each one.
Sounds like you don't plan to restrict fat... might be worth thinking if you really need mayo etc If you are not careful low carb hi fat can really play up your insides. You might also lose out on some vitamins and minerals. If you must have bread portion control with slices from small wholemeal loaf is easier not baguettes
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If you don't restrict fat...and stick to healthy fats...then you must really restrict high carb foods. Do add leafy greens. High carbohydrate foods trigger an insulin response. Worse if combined with fat. Insulin is known as the fat hormone.
Replace bread & potatos with rice or noodles - look east, theyre mostly thin.
Rice and noodles are just as bad as bread and potatoes.
if u say so pasta, I dont agree
The only difference between pasta (noodles) and bread is the addition of yeast. I gave up wheat based products as part of a low carb diet and found I'd had an intolerance to gluten which was causing water retention and bloating. By just cutting out wheat based product and high carb grains and potatoes I lost 10 kilo in about 6 months. Part of this loss was four inches from my waist and two inches from each knee which was being caused by water retention and bloating.
If you can't do without carbs have sweet potatoes which are 'good' carbs.
Tamborine of course noodles and rice are as bad as bread.
Try telling people in the Far East that rice is bad. Who says so?

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