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hammerman | 19:37 Fri 05th Jan 2018 | Food & Drink
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I wonder if anyone knows how much a Chicken Dhansak from the Indian restaurant weighs? of those that comes in the little plastic tubs.

Ta muchly...HM


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This is a piece of string question....
Surely it depends if the chicken can fit in the box!
450g approx.
I suspect that, without dashing into their kitchen and looking for their scales, the vast majority of proprietors of Indian restaurants wouldn't know the answer to this question.

However I've just taken a look at the packaging of the Lamb Rogan Josh I've had for my tea tonight. (A chilled meal from Lidl). The whole thing weighed 450g but 44% of that was rice. So the meat+sauce bit weighed around 250g. However the average portion size from an Indian takeaway might be slightly larger, so my guess for that would be around 300g.

If you're trying to work out calories though, this might make things easier:
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Thank you guys....the reason i ask is i'm trying to do the slimming world diet and a chicken dhansak at 500g is 10 syns. No rice or sundries, just a dhansak.
This suggests that 1 syn (which I'd never heard of before now) is roughly equivalent to 20 calories:

Putting that together with my first link above, which suggests that a typical Chicken Dhansak from an Indian takeaway contains around 720 calories, produces a figure of 36 syns, which seems somewhat out of step with the figure you've been given!

Iceland's Chicken Dhansak (which is specifically marketed as 'takeaway', to show that it mimics what you get from an Indian restaurant) weighs 375g and contains 446 calories. (About 22 syns, based on the link I've given):
there is no way it's 10 syns on sw
^^^ Internet sources seem to differ wildly, Bednobs.

This, for example, says only 6.5 syns:

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Chicken Dhansak

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