How To Store Fresh Mussels?

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shivvy | 20:14 Fri 08th Sep 2017 | Food & Drink
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I bought a net of mussels this afternoon planning to cook them tonight. However something came up and I won't be cooking them until tomorrow night now. The net had been put into a plastic bag which is currently in a bowl at the bottom of my fridge but how best should I store them? ie take them out of the plastic bag, keep them in the net and leave them open to the air in the bowl?


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Take them out of the plastic bag for a start. Is there a use-by date on the label of the net? If so, look at it and don't use mussels after the use-by date.
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Thanks diddly - I have had a good look online and can see that what I have done seems to be ok.
The use by date is tomorrow which is ok. I have taken them out of the plastic bag, kept them in the net bag, put them in a bowl and covered them with a clean, cold, damp tea towel.
It will be a good sign tomorrow if some are open, and if they don't close when I tap them tomorrow then I'll chuck them.

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How To Store Fresh Mussels?

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