Must Be Popular By The Looks Of It

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Bazile | 13:06 Mon 10th Jul 2017 | Food & Drink
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Went shopping on saturday to supermarket

Thought i would get some Pepsi Max - ginger .
Shelf bare - told by staff none left in store room either .

Seems there has been a run on the product


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I still wouldn't drink it. If it was Coca Cola I might give it a go.
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I much prefer Pepsi to Coco Cola - just shows how we have different tastes

I am having serious problems finding bottles of Pepsi Max 500ml or 600ml in the supermarkets. I usually end up having to buy the 1.5litre Pepsi Max or the diet Pepsi 500ml -tut only as a final option.

I could buy bigger bottles but over the years I have realised that the smaller bottles are more convenient for me. I drink 1-1.5 litres of Pepsi Max per day. I sometimes also have 7-up free or ice cold river Tay tap water. I pee a lot ☺☺☺

Yeah, but it lasts almost twice as long, wolf.
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Speaking of tap water - we get our's from some stream in Wales .
Bootiful it is - straight from the tap - even more bootiful when it's chilled
I'm not so keen on Pepsi, prefer Coke though I don't drink fizzy drinks very often. I like the occasional Old Jamaica ginger beer but can't imagine pepsi and ginger.

Tap water in Manchester isn't that nice. I drink a lot of bottled/water cooler water. I love New York water, would get a glass automatically with most meals over there, lovely water!
I can't believe it sold out!! Can't wait to try it, when I hear it's on sale here I'm gonna buy a crate of it :) then I'll have a great smile, ne'er a tooth in my head but I'm so loving the sound of it, as for tap water, we call that corporation pop, lovely when ice cold mmm
I think many cold drinks will have disappeared from the shelves during the hot spell. I tried to buy some cans of lemonade in Sainsbury's (Didcot) last week and they were out of stock (as they were of most other canned drinks). I looked In Lidl (Stowmarket) on Sunday for cans of their own Freeway brand of soft drinks and only found empty shelves.
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Except that the surrounding shelves were full of pepsi, coke and other makes of pop products

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Must Be Popular By The Looks Of It

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