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Easter Egg Chocolate

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AB Editor | 12:28 Thu 10th Mar 2016 | Food & Drink
16 Answers

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Is Easter egg chocolate better than other chocolate?

  • No! - 22 votes
  • 73%
  • Yes, obviously... - 8 votes
  • 27%

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Question Author
I have encountered this weird opinion... please make your case for/against Easter egg chocolate!
The chocolate is the same - but I like the fact that it is thinner. I like the little Galaxy Caramel eggs but have been unable to find them anywhere local... Life is so unfair

Question Author
It is!

This is for those about to complain about how the holiday should be about jesus:
Excellent music by a very under-rated artist. Even his talking voice sounds melodic.

I always think the chocolate used to make the actual Easter eggs is cheap substandard stuff.
Prefer to get 'ordinary' chocs.
No just twice as expensive.
No you just get less of it for your money!
Having said that the Lindt chocolate bunnies are delicious.
it's probably better if it's one of these ...

La Maison du Chocolat's Diamond Stella: £50,000
No its not better, it just makes a change eating the thinner chocolate.
Baldric, most of those eggs look inedible. I thought that Hotel Chocolat were expensive (but oh so yummy). The world has gone mad

The only decent chocolate is Cadbury's dairy milk so any egg not made of that is yukky, you can have mine
Question Author
The person who I was having this discussion with claimed that there is only one kind of chocolate egg (the kind which is better) and that would be a dairy milk chocolate egg. So your answer is interesting Prudie.
Nothing beats a dairy milk buttons egg. Nothing!

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Easter Egg Chocolate

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