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Answerbank Vegan & Gluten Free Gift Guide

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AB Editor | 13:45 Tue 08th Dec 2015 | Food & Drink
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What To Buy A Vegan or Gluten Free Friend At Christmas?

While many may suggest "maybe some carrots?" or "a hutch" for a vegan, there is a growing number of people who are taking on alternative or reduced diets - for both medical and ethical reasons.

While you might like your steak still mooing there's a chance you'll be in a position where you're buying a Christmas gift for a vegan or gluten-free friend or family member. Or, even trickier, you might be cooking for one on Christmas day!

With this in mind we've asked a new-vegan intern-gnome to put together their pick of cookbooks for vegan and gluten free friends! This means you can either use the cookbooks to make your vegetable-bothering guest a feast - or gift it to them and they can do it theirselves!

I'll hand your over to our intern-gnome:

Vegan Cookbooks
When I tell people I'm a vegan, one of the first things I hear is ""so what can you actually eat, apart from lettuce?!" Veganism is a lifestyle that is booming in popularity, and there is increasingly more and more vegan options out there. However, those following this way of life could be considered as tricky to buy for at Christmas. Whilst there are loads of options of meals out there for us Vegans, contrary to the popular belief, I admit it can sometimes be tricky. So you can't really go wrong with a vegan cookbook. Who knows, you might even catch yourself wanting to try some of it! I've picked some of my favourites.

1. Keep it Vegan: 100 simple, healthy & delicious dishes

"This recipe book keeps it simple, but doesn't compromise flavour. Portobello Mushroom Burgers? Amazing! With ingredients that can be found at the local supermarket, Aine Carlin makes vegan cooking really easy, and really tasty.
It was also the 2015 Gourmand Awards winner for Best UK Vegan Book.

2. 200 Vegan Recipes

For the busy vegan, this cookbook contains 200 recipes that are delicious and fuss-free. Filled with quick snacks to dinner party delights, this is a perfect gift as the vegan in your life won't be short of inspiration.
It's also an excuse to invite yourself round for one of the 200 meals. The Perfect stocking filler.

3. Deliciously Ella

Ella has shot to fame as a result of her blog, that posts delicious plant based recipes, has become more and more popular.
This book is great for those new to veganism and transitioning to the diet, as a self-confessed ex sugar junkie herself, she has given loads of popular comfort foods, such as brownies, a vegan friendly and healthy twist.

4. Peace and Parsnips: Vegan Cooking for Everyone

With delicious recipes to even tempt meat eaters, Peace and Parsnips is bursting with plant based dishes inspired by various flavours of the world.
It's also beautiful to look at, and this book will look great displayed proudly in the kitchen.

Gluten Free Cookbooks
What is Gluten? Can I catch it? The protein is present in wheat and some grains, and people are increasingly conscious of it being in their food, or rather, not being there.
Whether they're doing it for health reasons or because of the trendiness of it, it is growing in popularity.
Someone in the family will probably have gone gluten free, and a cookbook tailored to the diet is sure to go down well!

1. Good Food: Gluten-free recipes

From the experts at BBC's Good Food magazine, gluten free eating will certainly not be boring.
With information on many gluten free substitutes, as well as how to create delicious healthy dishes.

2. Nosh Gluten-Free: A No-Fuss, Everyday Gluten-Free Cookbook

Nosh are known for their quick and simple recipes that are big on flavour, and that doesn’t end when it comes to gluten free cooking.
Joy May makes hassle free, gluten free, yet still full of flavour! Ideal for those transitioning to a gluten free diet.

3. Against the Grain

Focussed on natural cooking and eating healthily, Against the Grain allows this to go hand in hand with Gluten Free.
Rather than processed gluten free alternatives, this book allows you to eat whole and well.

4. The How Can It Be Gluten Free Cookbook

Wow someone in the family with the recipes in this book that, as the name suggest, are hard to believe they are gluten free! Including many mouth-watering recipes.


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I'm seriously thinking about becoming vegan or vegetrarian, I'm sick to death of reading about all the truly vile things being done to animals in abbatoirs the world over. They torture them for fun it seems !!! WHY ??
Question Author
You're not alone viv - plenty of people are worried about feeling disconnected from their food. Maybe pass this thread on to Santa and see if you could give a bash?
By the way Ed, love the little critter munching on a leaf - gorgeous !
If concerned at that surely the logical move is not to stop feeding naturally but to campaign for respect and compassion for our food animals ?

Meanwhile I do not have Vegan & Gluten Free friends to buy for, well some may be gluten free, I don't know how much gluten there is in a human being. Hmmm ... It'd make a change from turkey though.
While not vegan-some eggs and dairy have snuck in-this has got to be one of the most stunning veggie books you'll come across. User Recommendation
Oh...and thumbs up for what O_G said.
Here's another one. The author suffered with an auto-imune disease, and was able to reduce the symptoms with a grain free diet. User Recommendation
You have NO idea what I do or don't do re animal welfare OG !!
A brain?
Brains are delicious slow roasted but more suited to the carnivore not the vegan.
-- answer removed --

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Answerbank Vegan & Gluten Free Gift Guide

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