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First Of The Chili Harvest Eaten

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Mosaic | 19:19 Wed 02nd Dec 2015 | Food & Drink
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and very good it was too. I would never have thought that a rainy Lancashire windowsill would produce such delicious fiery heat, but there you go. maybe I should try bananas next year.


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Which type of chilli was it? I didn`t have much luck with my Apache chillies this year. The plant didn`t grow very tall.
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I don't know what type it was - other than a long thin red one. I found the packet in the garage where it must have been for over a year, and threw the seeds in pots as an experiment. One lot are a roundish squashed shape, so might be scotch bonnets, then there are long thin ones, then some that are kind of plum shaped but have only grown to about 2cm long. No idea what they are, plus they seem to be staying green, not going red.

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First Of The Chili Harvest Eaten

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