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Glacé Fruits And Angelica

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Ratty2E | 16:19 Thu 12th Dec 2013 | Food & Drink
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Any idea where I can get these. I did see 3 coloured glacé cherries somewhere but can't seem to find them now and Angelica seems to be extinct.


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I got my angelica in tesco, waitrose have glace fruits, the other option is amazon (of course)
Question Author
Thanks Woof I think Tesco must have been where I saw the cherries now you've jogged my memory. I tried our smallish Waitrose and all they had were ordinary red cherries.
the glace fruits are with the christmas gifts
Julian Graves would have provided you with every you could possibly need in the glace fruits department but alas they are no more. But see this link ! do you do that cute e at the end of glace ? Its not on my keyboard.
Question Author
No joy with Tesco sadly, ours doesn't seem to stock Angelica or anything more exciting than standard red glacé cherries. I need to try to remember where I saw the coloured cherries, it's driving me mad now.
Question Author
Thanks for the link Mikey, I can't help with the e in glacé my iPad does it automatically.
mikey - on my PC it's control-alt-e é
Véry cléver!

It works ! Thanks !
Just found this ::::

Do you live anywhere near these places Ratty2E ?
Question Author
I'm in bournemouth Mikey so Poole is my nearest, thanks again.
é as in glacé can also be done by hitting AltGr + e (AltGr + any vowel sticks an acute accent on it)

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Glacé Fruits And Angelica

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