Do Pinnys Stop Pongs?!

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shivvy | 00:24 Tue 11th Dec 2012 | Food & Drink
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This might seem like a silly question but it is genuine.

Aprons obviously stop stains and splashes getting onto your clothes but do they also reduce smells sticking to the clothes below?

I have never worn a pinny but I would be tempted to start if it prevented that horrible cooking pong from clinging to my clothes.



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"Do Pinnys Stop Pongs?" sounds like the title of a book for young children ;-)

Yes, to some extent, they do.
I love my pinny, and no it doesn't stop pongs...............
I always wear a pinny when I'm cooking .
..... waits for the whole of AB to roar with laughter .....

You rarely see a chef cooking whilst wearing a suit .
I don't own a pinny although they do prevent stains and splashes and it's easy to wipe your hands down it when you are baking etc. No I don't think they will stop any pongs if you wipe fishy or smelly meaty hands on it.
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Ah I'm transported back in time - it's ages since I heard anyone except me refer to an apron as a pinny! I wear mine most of the time in the kitchen - I have three. One is a butchers apron, one says "I love to cook with alcohol - sometimes I even put it in the food" and the other says "Many people have eaten in this kitchen and gone on to lead perfectly normal lives"

Both the last two were bought as gifts - I think someone might be trying to tell me something!
yes. i've found they do. also have cotton top as worn by chefs. dnn't want clothes smelling. clean ones each day. and also burn an ordinary candle in kitchen when cooking. don't know how it works but does.

when do you see chefs without their protective clothing.
I always wear a pinny too when cooking, especially Xmas lunch. It doesnt really stop the smell of cooking so I get changed just before serving up. it does stop your clothes getting fat splattered etc. There are some great fun ones about
I'm a cook,and I rarely wear a pinny. It's just too many layers-especially if I'm wearing a chefs jacket which is quite heavy....and I hate anything tied around my waist.
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Sounds like there is little point in me investing in one.

I don't have many probs with splashes etc - it is the lingering smells on my clothes that I was hoping to avoid.

Thanks for all your answers.

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Do Pinnys Stop Pongs?!

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