Does anyone like fish fingers?

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ummmm | 14:09 Tue 15th Nov 2011 | Food & Drink
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I do :-)

Morrisons are doing 16 Birds Eye fish fingers, £3.99, I 1 get 2 free. That's a good deal....

Fish finger sandwiches for the rest of the week...


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I do.. comfort food! I'll be checking out that offer when I go shopping, thanks :o)
Invite a few friends round for a Fish Finger Fest ;-)
im allergic to fish :(
Love fish finger butties, with tartare sauce :-)
Fishfinger butty with tomato of the Gods! :o)
no wonder you look skeletal, cazzz..
I do, especially in a sandwich with salt, vinegar and ketchup.
Another fish finger sarnie lover here, will get daughter to pop in and get a few, thanks.
Fish dont even have hands!!
mmmm - fish fingers in pitta bread with chilli sauce - fusion food at its best :)
do you get free parsley?

and custard?
and no tom ketchup, chilli or vinegar you, you you whatevers

MAYO, thats it

oh and bread of some sort
Parsley and cusrard?? Are you preggers mccfluff ??
doubt it very much :-)
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I like the sound of chilli sauce and pitta bread :-)

I like them with tartare sauce as well...
I remember in thailand we were served some sort of mollusc in breadcrumbs which was like a little slice of heaven, does anyone know what these were called?
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No....I didn't eat much when I was in Thailand...
Provided they done in the microwave to make 'em soggy, yes.
You didn't? Why ever not thailand is a foodies dream.
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It was just the smell of Bangkok. The sewers and the street food blended together. Couldn't get that smell out of my nostrils...couldn't eat the street food at all....

Ate in some nice restaurants though :-)

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Does anyone like fish fingers?

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