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whiskeysheri | 13:26 Tue 11th Oct 2011 | Food & Drink
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Does anyone have any recipes that they can personally recommend for cakes I could bring in for my workmates, please? I'm open to all suggestions, but I'm really after something quick and cheap to make as well as being impressive. Thank you! :)


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the lass made me some fantastic banoffee cupcakes on Friday for a bit of a post marathon refuel, I know she used dulce de leche and fudge but I couldn't tell you the rest, she does tend to wing it so I don't even know if she'd know measurements herself!
I know that doesn't answer your question but maybe if you find a similar recipe and use these you might get the outcome!? Plus it's me so I know we're cool! ;) haha
Cheats slab

three packets of victoria sponge mix cooked in a loaf pan, when cool top with betty crocker chocolate frosting and decorate with edible glitter. flower sprinkles, mini marshmallows etc cut into little squares and pop each square into a pretty cupcake case ... or buy a celebration slab from the supermarket
A basic victoria sponge recipe, using the cheapest ingrediants then turn it into cupcakes, with a dollop of butter icing on the top.
Forget baking- buy a box of Krispy Kremes.
3 for offer on at sains at the mo

we have mini millionaires shortbread mini choc muffins and mini rice crispy thingys
very easy and pretty cheap to make are marshmallow crispy squares

add dried fruit to them for a bit of colour.
Office cakes should be banned... I'm not allowed to eat them :c( Mind you, the one in the office at the moment is minging so that's ok.

I'd personally just buy a load of fairy cakes, put them in my own tin and say I made them. Or just get some chocolate and some rice crispies and I think you can guess the rest... I really like chocolate rice crispies.
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Haha! Too true, Pauly! :) I didn't realise you'd done the Marathon already! Where've I been?! Well done you! X

Great ideas, all, thank you! (Keep 'em coming! ;))

I did say cheap, though, and considering I won't even buy myself a single Krispy Kreme... I love my new team, but not that much! :)
Krispie cakes is a perfect idea - or use really cheap cornflakes. Chuck a couple of raisins in, mmmm I'd love them!
as said, buy some cheap plain ready made fairy cakes and decorate them yourself to make them look homemade.

you can get 12 for a quid in asdas. plonk on some icing, glitter,baubles and whatnot, jobs a good'un.
whats a "whatnot" is is made from goat?
Carrot cake cut into individual square sections?
Mars bar cake hun...yummy!

3 standard mars bars
2 tbsp golden syrup
3oz butter
enough rice krispies to coat

1.Melt mars bars, syrup and butter in a pan.
2.When combined add rice krispies, and stir until coated.
3.Press into a greased and lined oblong tin and leave to set.
4.Cut into squares when cold.
Oooh... that sounds like something even I could manage V&C... mmmmmm...
Tomorrow I'm attempting my first Tart Tatin..............
I'm with you Ankou sounds like a good plan !
I had to google that craft to make sure I had the right image in my head of what it was... I did so on that basis, any chance I can come for tea and cake tomorrow?
lol CD you wouldn't want an's for a funeral tea.
<Removes foot from mouth>

Ooops. Sorry!

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