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Healthy ingredients for a steak pie?

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bushbaby_de | 21:56 Tue 21st Jun 2011 | Food & Drink
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Hi everyone,

I have been using stealth ingredients to make my food healthier and bulk it up a bit without changing the taste too much, like lentils in spag bol and chickpeas in chilli. I already put mushroom, onion and carrot in my steak pie but was wondering if anyone could suggest some stealth ingredients to increase the bulk/health of it please?

And no clever clogs telling me not to eat pie if I want to be healthy. I'm trying to improve things, not turn into an angel! The 'steak' and 'pie' parts of the steak pie are non-negotiable!!!


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pearl barley ?
Half steak, half Quorn pieces?
Chunks or slices of tatie?
peas..... this rate, it will be a vegetable pie with steak flavour!
Turnip or parsnip?
Tinned tomatoes?
Hi bushbaby, I add turnip/swede, onions, peas, carrot, 2 tomatoes from a tin with a bit of the juice and a potato to mine. I also add a bit of Branston and Worchestershire sauce.
beans of some description.
ooh yes, butterbeans.
I hate to say it....but it won't be healthy until you ditch the pastry...everything else is healthy.
Ah but pasta, i'd rather ditch the rest and have the pastry!! The filling is the penance for the outer.
ah...the means to the end...;-))
mmmm pastry
Question Author
Thanks for all your answers... I'll try a couple of them and see how I get on (without turning it into a meat-flavour veg pie of course!)
What about making chilli pie? chilli beans are very healthy!!
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"The 'steak' and 'pie' parts of the steak pie are non-negotiable!!! "

That's what I like to hear, just leave it at that, you don't need anything else!

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Healthy ingredients for a steak pie?

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