Does Diet Coek cause Chest pains?

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selinamc | 15:00 Sat 02nd Aug 2008 | Drinks
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Ive been having horrible chest pains for a week and do drink quite alot of coke but not excessively.


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Coke or Diet Coke? there are a lot of arguments about artificial sweeteners in diet drinks and personally, I'd steer clear.

and lots of fizz isn't great for you either!
Diet coke is full of Aspartame, don't drink it or eat / drink anything else with this poison in it, as it's long been known to cause a huge wealth of health problems.
anything with ' aspartame or phenylalanine on the label should be avoided at all costs and it's in practically anything 'diet'. partame.html

lots of links off that page for you to peruse.
Are you sure that you don't simply have really bad indigestion ? I get that if I ever have to drink fizzy stuff ....
it gives me terrible stomach cramps!! i used to drink it in vodka or other mixers and at the end of the night i felt awful! i have stopped drinking it altogether and my tummy is much less bloated.

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Does Diet Coek cause Chest pains?

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