I Make Strawberry Wine From Ribeena Juice

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impact5 | 17:50 Mon 18th Feb 2013 | Drinks
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The time it takes to ferment is not the same whats the shortest time to make a good say 12% wine


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You're not serious...are you?
Ribena contains preservatives and colouring. Why not start with blackcurrants & sugar instead ?

Been ages since I made wine but fermentation used to take a couple of months IICR, but you then had to let it mature in the bottle. The alcoholic level will depend on your yeast's tolerance and how much sugar, how much to allow to turn to alcohol, etc..

Get yourself a good recipe book.
Perhaps I am being a bit thick but how can anyone make Strawberry wine out of a cordial made of Blackcurrants ?

Am I missing some thing here ?
"I Make Strawberry Wine From Ribeena Juice"

How the heck do you make strawberry wine from ribena juice?

Ribena is made from blackcurrants so how the devil can you make strawberry wine out of it? Are you a magician?

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I Make Strawberry Wine From Ribeena Juice

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